• Features tailored to your every need.

Keep your business moving with easy-to-use quotes

Create and send comprehensive, custom quotes with just a few clicks using ClearTempo. Provide accurate estimates to customers by transforming your complex quotes into itemized descriptions. Track and manage revisions along the way. Get your documents signed and close business easily, securely, and on any device with our digital signature option.

Streamline invoicing in one efficient system

We make invoicing easy so that you get paid faster. Create professional & concise invoices with the click of a button. ClearTempo keeps track of your invoices in one place so you’ll know exactly which invoices have been paid and which are due. Save time by printing or e-mailing invoices as a PDF document to your customers and prospective clients.

Track inventory with complete confidence

Stay organized and keep full track of your inventory, from purchasing to reports. Quickly generate inventory data with easy-to-use tools that were designed to give you total control. Stay knowledgeable with built in reporting data and an intuitive financial dashboard that allows you to access sales, profits, costs, and salesperson performance at a glance.

Integrate with Xero Accounting Software

Monitor your cash flow in real-time with Xero accounting software. Made specifically for small businesses, Xero has everything you need to run your business – invoicing, bill payment, reporting, and much more. With Xero accounting software integrated into ClearTempo, your team can now access important information at all times and work from anywhere.
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